Fetching data from an external JSON, taking items and looping on them

Fetching data from https://getk2.org/showcase?format=json

Note the config: data_path: items in the frontmatter. This is because all the data in the json are childs of items.

We can also filter on the external json:

  • ByBlacks.com
    2023-01-14 13:26:47

    ByBlacks.com is Canada's #1, top ranked, award winning online magazine focused exclusively on Black Canadians, with an events listing, jobs listings and business directory.

    The site's content is fully powered by K2 and allows for easy third-party content contributions & opinion.

    ByBlacks.com has a green score (passed) on Core Web Vitals Assessment since it was re-launched in 2022, despite being a heavy content site, by employing modern development techniques and sticking to decades-long performance guidelines.

  • Dégagée
    2020-01-29 12:49:52

    Dégagée is a creative agency established in Dachau (Germany) in 2007 by Florian and Denise Malecki. The firm specializes in modern design & development for web/print and its name is derived from the French adjective which means clear, free, informal.

  • Fudzilla
    2020-01-29 12:45:41

    Fudzilla is an online information portal that features news, reviews, and articles related to technology.

  • Universidad Rey Juan Carlos (King Juan Carlos University)
    2020-01-29 12:41:31

    King Juan Carlos University (Spanish: Universidad Rey Juan Carlos, URJC) is a Spanish public research university located in the southern area of the Community of Madrid (Spain), with five campuses at Móstoles, Alcorcón, Vicálvaro, Aranjuez and Fuenlabrada.

    With 44.916 students, it is the second-biggest public university in the Community of Madrid, behind the historical Universidad Complutense. URJC is one of eight universities in the Community of Madrid, and it is the second-newest university in the community.

  • PunkMedia
    2019-12-17 11:54:42

    A media production company in the Netherlands run by Henk-Jan Winkeldermaat.

  • Green Real Estate Agency
    2019-12-17 10:56:26

    Whether you're a buyer, seller, renter or landlord, our purpose is to create an experience that's truly different from any other agency.

    For us, caring goes without saying. We've always believed that if we created an agency where truly caring and passionate people wanted to work, it would create a culture where our team would go above and beyond.

  • Utah Arts Festival
    2019-12-17 10:43:07

    The mission of the Utah Arts Festival is to promote the arts and enhance the quality of life in Utah through the production of an annual outdoor, multi-disciplinary event in downtown Salt Lake City.

    We strive to maintain the highest artistic quality in our production and programming, represent excellence among a range of artistic mediums, and promote an appreciation for fine art while encouraging innovation in the field, and supporting non-traditional, contemporary works.

  • Underground Press
    2019-12-17 10:26:22

    Underground Press covers a variety of music genres - from Rock, Metal, Blues Rock, Hip-hop, Jazz, Folk Rock, and much more - featuring reviews and interviews on your favourite artists and keeping you up to date on the latest events in and around South Africa.

    Having interviewed local and international musicians, such as Dani Filth of Cradle of Filth, Chris van der Walt of Black Cat Bones, Boargazm and Vulvodynia, Path P and Neil Breytenbach of CANTREL, popular SA band Prime Circle and movie producers Patrick and George Garcia - we keep you in-the-know!