I'm decorated by Pages

What does it mean?

Simply that there is a native menu having blabla as Alias... and by adding a file called blabla.html.php I can add my own content to the native component content.

And now starts original's component view:

This demo website comes along with a detailed presentation

See this full presentation on slides.woluweb.be See all my other presentations on slides.woluweb.be


Note that Joomlatools Pages is free and open-source. Feel free to contribute and/or sponsor 😉

Marc Dechèvre

Want to play with JoomlaTools Pages and test it further for yourself?

Download a copy of the present demo site

Want to play with other examples ?

Although this demo site already covers many many things that Pages can do, there are other interesting features which are not covered here like:

  • adding a custom template function
  • adding a form processor
  • adding a event subscriber (equivalent of plugins in Joomla)

PS: oh, btw, this line is also added by Pages after the original content.